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Baja Mali Knindža (Serbian: Баја Мали Книнџа), whose real name is Mirko Pajčin (Serbian: Мирко Пајчин), is a Serbian folk cantautore, singer. He is often described as part of turbo folk but he is actually a strong criticist of that form of music. He is distinct cousin of famous Serbian singer Ksenija Pajčin. He was born on 13 October 1966 in the village of Gubin, near Bosansko Grahovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia.

He wrote his first song while being at house of Momčilo Đujić at Krčič. The song is well known and famous. It is called "Nema Raja, bez rodnoga kraja" (There is no paradise without the place you were born).

Baja Mali Knindža is not to be mistaken with Nedeljko Bajić Baja, who is famous turbo folk singer. Baja Mali Knindža performs patriotic songs and odes to alcohol, such as "Duni, vjetre, malo preko jetre" (Blow, wind, through the liver). In this song he Baja Mali Knindza is well known for his nationalist songs supporting the Serbs during the Yugoslav wars. He gained simpaties of Serbian people, during the war in Former Yugoslavia. First hit was Bpaти се Војводо/Duke come back. In this song he apealed Serbian hero chetnik commander Fr. Momčilo Đujić, honored by USA Government, to came back in Krajina and to protect Serbian people. He said that he would never consider going to Croatia because of the "Ustašas" burning down his house and desecrated his predecessors graves. In the other hand Baja is most popular singer in Republika Srpska. His albums have sold in millions of copies in Serbia, Republika Srpska and among Serbian diaspora in Western Europe, North America and Australia. Baja's performances in Zmijanje near Banja Luka, in middle of August, every year visit tens of thousands people. Even Bosnian Croats listening to his anti-Muslim songs. Since the fall of Krajina, Baja Mali Knindža has written many songs about his dream of the Serbian people returning to live in the territories captured during the War in which Serbs attacked Croatia. His songs also express his sorrow of living without his land. Many of the songs became instant hits, such as "Ne rodila ni njivo ni šljivo". Here is a sample of the lyrics from the song:

Не родила ни ,њиво, ни ,шљиво, / Neither plums or fields have grown
И све вам сe oсушило живо! / and everything dried up on you!
Што садили, ништа не родило! / Whatever you plant, nothing grown!
Хеј , душмани, проклето вам било! / Oh, enemies, be cursed forever!

Baja lives with his wife and three daughters and son in Novi Beograd. Baja write songs for many traditional folk bands such as Jandrino Jato, Sinovi Manjače, Zvuci Tromeđe, Srpski Talibani etc. He is said to be supporter of the Serb Radical Party but he never promoted them upon the elections. Although he said , that he would participate in government of SRP.

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